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Headquartered in Toronto Canada and with subsidiaries in Belleville Canada and Nogales Mexico, Amphenol Canada Corp Amphenol Corporation has been an international leader in the interconnect ( ACC), a division of industry. From design and manufacturing through quality inspection and shipping, Amphenol Canada has over 50 years of experience in the Military/Aerospace and Commercial markets.


Amphenol Canada (ACC) has pioneered many unique technologies to address the interconnect needs of increasingly demanding applications, including Filtered Connectors and Interconnect devices for EMI and EMP protection, Ruggedized connectors for Harsh Environments, industry-leading High-Speed signal connectors for use in the rapidly growing In-flight Entertainment industry of Commercial Aviation.


With markets including Military and Commercial Aerospace and Defense, our expertise in understanding and supporting our many customers’ interconnect needs has earned Amphenol Canada a reputation of quality and excellence among the world’s leading users of electronic components.

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